Visual Brand

I led a team of multimedia designers to redefine the visual brand of the College of Engineering. This process involved defining visual goals and strategies, establishing assets and guidelines, and rolling that out among communicators throughout the College.


The visual brand for the College of Engineering strives to create a unique perspective on what it means to be a Michigan Engineer. The visual style will be authentic and bold. Michigan Engineering is not just about the technology, but about the humans who are affected by it. Our visual brand will reflect this understanding.

That visual brand will be:

  • Modern
  • Bold
  • Forward-Thinking
  • Precise
  • Authentic
  • Clever

Through the visual design styling in print and digital assets, we will communicate that:

  • Engineers are bold
  • We solve problems
  • We are collaborative
  • We strive to transform the world

We will achieve this brand through:

  • Bold colors (not earthy or muted)
  • Strong, modern typography
  • Blocks of free space (either fields of color or fields of white)
  • Use of typography as a design element
  • Thoughtful placement and cropping of dynamic photography
  • Use of authentic, photojournalistic photography


Visual Brand Styleguide PDF