People-First Engineering

Articulating an engineering brand based on equity and excellence to reimagine what engineering can be – closing critical gaps and elevating all people.

Forty-Two Design System

Fully embracing the emerging Wordpress Gutenberg technology, we took a new approach to web design and development, centering the democratic and modular nature of the technology to build a system that is flexible yet consistent.

Articulating Equity

Crafting thought leadership messaging to move the field of engineering forward

Graduate Recruiting

Increasing and diversifying the prospective graduate student recruitment funnel through digital marketing strategies Through research and departmental partnerships, the University of Michigan College of Engineering’s Communications and Marketing team (C&M) crafted and executed paid marketing campaigns that resonated with a more diverse applicant pool. As part of a push to both increase and diversify the…

A DEI Culture Shift

The job of creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community rests not with one organization or group of people, but with all of us. As part of the University of Michigan College of Engineering’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Implementation Committee, the Communications & Marketing (C&M) team took on the challenge of communicating the…

Achieving 2020 Vision

A full-scale communications research assessment to analyze the implementation of a new strategic vision.