People-First Engineering

Articulating an engineering brand based on equity and excellence to reimagine what engineering can be – closing critical gaps and elevating all people.

Forty-Two Design System

Fully embracing the emerging Wordpress Gutenberg technology, we took a new approach to web design and development, centering the democratic and modular nature of the technology to build a system that is flexible yet consistent.

Michigan Engineering 2020

As a new leader, how do you enable change in a large organization, and ensure a strong vision? When Alec D. Gallimore, the Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering, took office in June 2016, he and his team outlined a Vision and Mission Statement that would lead the College to the next level, and a…

The Michigan Engineer

The magazine underwent a major redesign in 2014, and I was part of a small team of four primary stakeholders who conceptualized and coordinated the re-imagining. For this project, I worked with Executive Director Dan Kim, Editor Brad Whitehouse and Designer Mira Lancaster to create a new editorial philosophy, test that philosophy among our audience…

Visual Brand

I led a team of multimedia designers to redefine the visual brand of the College of Engineering. This process involved defining visual goals and strategies, establishing assets and guidelines, and rolling that out among communicators throughout the College. BRAND STATEMENT The visual brand for the College of Engineering strives to create a unique perspective on what…