Legacy Section

For the departure of David C. Munson, Jr., the former Dean of the College of Engineering, a special section of the magazine was created to honor his legacy and work. I coordinated the content creation and conducted the editing for this section, working with multiple creative team members and College leadership to define the goals and tone for the content.

My work on this project included the editing of a traditional feature story, written by Randy Milgrom,  direction of multiple photo shoots, done by Joseph Xu, and art direction of the section’s design, done by K’Kio Hardin. But it also included some non-traditional elements, such as:

  • Collection of memories from alumni, painstakingly hand-crafted into a “yearbook-like” spread
  • Translation and manipulation of Munson’s handwriting into a font for inclusive of a “hand-written” letter
  • Creation of North Campus in the video game Minecraft for a different take on an examination of how the campus has changed



“Set In Motion: How Munson’s Leadership Propelled Michigan” story

“North Campus Minecraft” webpage

PDF of special section

PDF of handwritten letter